11/5/2014 (Week 1/104)

Buon Giorno Amici!!

I am currently in the Missionary Training Center for six weeks and so much has happened!! First off, I got really lucky with my companion. He is an Australian Bodybuilder named Anziano Holder who’s been in the US for two weeks and has such an outgoing personality that really helps me to be more forward in my discourse!
In the MTC we have an average of twelve hours of class a day where we learn both Italiano and gospel topics. Anz. Holder and I have been able to teach 4 lessons so far using the skills we have learned from class, each in full Italian, each with no notes, and each ranging 20-25 minutes. It is SOO evident to us that God is helping us with this language! I even translated a verse of scripture nearly word for word on the third day, and spoke only Italian for half of the day yesterday!

Honestly, we don’t have a lot of time to write home today so I’m going to have to cut this short but I am so happy to be here and so excited to get out to Milan in 5 weeks and bring people happiness! This truly is a work and gospel of love, purpose, and happiness!

Ciao, con amore,
Anziano Squire


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