11/12/2014 (Week 2/104)

Ciao! Come state?

This week was absolutely fantastic! The food is still fake but the spirit we feel is not! We were able to teach 4-5 more lessons in Italiano, and it is really something to see the Lord helping us with this language and gospel. I am so grateful. The most special moment of the week would certainly have to be a lesson we taught with an investigator named Sandra in which she was just meeting with us to make her member brother happy, but after we shared our experiences and our testimonies with her she opened up and I could see happiness flow into her. There’s a certain glow you see when someone is feeling the spirit and recognizes the truth and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

You would all be proud to know that I tried that “working out” thing out here, every day actually, and now I can run 2-3 miles at Utah altitude. This is impressive if you realize I have zero athletic prowess to boast of. Either way, I seem to be one of the only people in the MTC that is not gaining weight.

Practical jokes are very covert here, but they can sometimes be the best thing to get you through. The funniest ones I’ve seen this week were an Anziano clearing all of his companion’s stuff out of their room/cabinets/etc while his comp was in Salt Lake getting a visa, and when he got back he just stood there and stared at the room for a good 10 seconds before saying anything. Also, just little things like Anziano Stroh putting those stick on googly eyes on random items such as the toilets, and pictures of other elders’ girlfriends. THings are good, and this place is a blast in all senses of the word. Although the German teacher across the hall scares the living crap oughtta me so there is that.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and are well!!

-Anziano Squire


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