11/26/2014 (week 4/104)

Buon Giorno!

Wow, what a week!!! We had a devotional yesterday where one of the quorum of the twelve, Elder Oaks, spoke to us and I was able to learn HEAPS. The spiritual was practically tangible, but oddly enough was even stronger after the devotional when we (The MTC choir) sang Mac Wilberg’s version of Come Thou Fount. Mamma Mia, it was undeniable. I can feel my learning, testimony, language skill, and happiness increasing every day and I am quite grateful for it all!

Fun side note though! I had my first humorous language mess up the other day during a lesson with a real person (not an actor). Instead of saying, “”Through the atonement of Jesus Christ I have become better (miglio/migliore)” I actually said “Throught the Atonement of Jesus Christ I have become a wife (moglie). It was funny but there’s a special sense of embarrassment that ensues upon watching an investigator laughing at something you said wrong! Completely hilarious though!!

Honestly, things in the MTC are extremely routine so there isn’t much new to tell but things are fantastic here! I love these missionaries I am serving with and every minute I spend with them I just love them more! I know this church is true and I am happy to be a part of this grand work to bring others profound happiness!

P.S. Either the food is getting better or my expectations are getting lower.

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire

Who are you and where am I?
Who are you and where am I?


Classroom whiteboard


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