2/4/2015 (week 14/104)

Ciao Tutti!!

Quindi, this week was a blast, even though not much new happened again!! I think it was mainly a blast just because of the fact that I am doing my best to do this work and even though I didn’t see many people accept the gospel this week I still know that my Heavenly Father is proud. I know this because I prayed about it and I can feel it. No matter how bad I have been feeling because I always try to push myself too hard, I know that He is accepting of my work. To all of you about to go on missions, just know that you aren’t going to be judged by God by the people that accept, but the people you invite. Our purpose is to “invite others to come unto Christ”. Every person out there has their free agency. We are here to invite. Also keep in mind though that the Lord prepares people for you, so you should expect and have faith that success will come!!

Despite the wonderful Spirit we had this week, we still have some rough news. Our friends Diego, Mahesh, and Silvia (one of our investigators with a baptism date) are all moving either this week or in the next few. Either way, we have some beautiful work ahead so we aren’t discouraged!

Cultural Bit: Everybody here either thinks we are Jehovah’s witnesses or Amish. Why Amish, I haven’t the faintest idea. Also, it seems that some of the new fashions heading up are undoing the top button on a suit jacket, using a folded up tie as a pocket square, and for the youth, they have big canvas jackets with fur hoods, combat boots, combat-ish pants with side pockets and cinch bottoms, and the boys have the sides of their heads shaved with the top long and combed wavy on top- gentlemens style. Interesting eh.

Spiritual Bit: Faith is difficult. Faith is where you do everything you possibly can and still more. You get to a point in all actuality where you are at the very tip of your comfort zone and sanity and then you have to make a decision. Trust that He is on the other side, or not. When you decide to jump off your limit of capability in trust that the Lord will catch you, it shows Him that you aren’t trusting yourself anymore, but that you are putting your all in Him. I promise that when you do this He will catch you. He has done this more times than I can count and I love Him for it. Trust Him and you will never regret it. Remember, it is not until after the trial of your faith that you gain your witness. Stay strong. It’s worth it. Ether 12:6

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire


My new Italian suit!


Me and Hugo



Mahesh Rai, Me snd Anziano Tolman


Out working with Mahesh Rai


Waiting for the train


Me, Anziano Tolman, Mahesh Rai, Anziano Mayberry


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