2/11/2015 (week 15/104)


The work continues!! Unfortunately, Silvia moved to Como but we are trying to get her new information so that the missionaries up there can follow up on her baptism, and we have high hopes for her! The more incredible news is that her friend here, Roberto, who we have been working with, still wants to keep his baptism date at the end of the month! I am so excited for the man and I know that this gospel can help everyone it comes in contact with! We also got a new investigator this week from Gambia named Kewa, who we have just begun teaching about the Restoration. He is a very kind man, and I must say that all the Africans are the kindest and humblest people, people that will always bring a smile and accept whatever comes their way. They are wonderful examples to follow. We are trying to focus our efforts right now on gaining new investigators because our numbers are dwindling a bit, and we know that out of the millions of people here in Milano, there are people who are ready, people that need this!

Fun stories:
         -Mondays are rough for anyone in the modern world, but this last monday provided a new kind of progression. Upon leaving our apartment that morning and going to the church, an old man walking near us just started growling and barking with such tenacity…. whether it was at us or just in our general direction I fear I will never know, but I will say that he must have been practicing or something because it was actually quite spot on. Props to you old man?
         -There is a family in the ward who we went to visit this week and because they are always so busy we decided to cook dinner for THEM. Unfortunately, the Tikka Masala that I made for them seemed to be too hot. In fact, wayyyy too hot. I don’t think I have ever seen South Americans hesitate to eat something because it was too hot, but these wonderful people ate it anyway, even though I insisted they didn’t have to. Good sports! haha
         -Miracles really do happen here! They are often quite small but they are profound. I saw many this week, some as large as the growing of a testimony, to random people on the metro approaching me and asking things such as “do you know where I can take an English class during the evenings?” (we have an evening course that we teach for free) or something along those lines.

Spiritual Bit: There will always be convincing evidence for AND against the truth. The one thing that you must understand, and that it took me a long time to figure out, is that logic is a very powerful tool. When based off of spiritual truth it can be quite useful in the concept of an idea, but when based on false assumptions or when trying to reach heavenly truths, while relying solely on the capabilities of the mind, imperfect in mortal nature, and still within a period of growth, can be devastating to faith. Remember, faith is an active belief on things that you don’t see, and is meant to push you beyond your level of comfortability. However, when we excercise faith we receive witnesses. Theses witnesses are much stronger than any piece of singular scientific data or rational idea because they come from God and they come through the Holy Spirit. I implore you, if there is anything that you are uncertain of, or even just wish to grow a greater knowledge of a spiritual truth, ask God. We are given a beautiful promise that if we ask God in faith, real intent, and sincerity, He will respond. (James 1:5) God wants to teach you and I promise each of you that He will! Just trust in Him.

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire


This is my horribly destroyed ray of sunshine umbrella. We had a proper burial this week where we threw it away together at some random trash can in San Ambrogio, and then I bought another yellow one. I have decided that I love having yellow umbrellas because across the Italian city landscape its all grey and black, even the umbrellas, and it really shows what we are here to share. I want people to look at us and see that we are different and that we are happy. Thus, yellow umbrellas.


With Anziano Tolman


At the train station


With Mahesh Rai


Working with Anziano Ostergar, Mahesh Rai and Anziano Mayberry


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