2/25/2015 (week 17/104)

Ciao Amici!!

Did you know you are loved? Such an incredibly sad phenomena occurs far too often in this world where we get so caught up in life that we forget the grander picture and the hope in it all. We forget how important we are to others, and most importantly to our loving Father in Heaven. He truly is a real being. I know this. Take a moment, look up into the blue sky and remember that you are loved!! As I have been remembering this fact this week, finding has been a lot easier! Truly, every person I talk to is a child of God and when I look at them like that, smile, be excited to talk to them, and show genuine interest, I find that the Spirit flows like water. Ancora, we don’t have many people to teach right now, and we lost an investigator or two but we will not give up! We had a miracle this week where we actually found this Peruvian lady on P-day and she became very interested in the church. She traveled miles to come back for a second lesson and said that she has been searching and searching for the truth and she feels like the Book of Mormon has been a gift from God. She is GOLDEN and since she doesn’t live in our area we were able to get her info to some missionaries in Navigli. Little did she know that SHE was the gift.

Transfers are next week, and we will find out on Saturday, in a few days, where we will be going or if we will be staying. I sincerely hope I stay here in good ol’ Cimi because I have truly grown to love the people here. We are thinking though that my comp, Anziano Tolman might be heading out, and my guess is he is going to Lecco. Boh. Chi lo sa. Vediamo, no?

We also were able to have zone conference this week and it was absolutely incredible!! The spirit was strong and I was able to learn a great deal of things. Also……..are you ready?………. ELDER BEDNAR OF THE QUORUM OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES IS COMIING TO OUR MISSION IN APRIL TO TALK WITH JUST THE MISSIONARIES IN OUR MISSION FOR 6 HOURS! I will get to speak with one of the Twelve Apostles. WHAT. Being a servant of the Lord has its perks I guess, haha. One statement that really struck me at the conference, though, was one that my Mission President said. When he was speaking, he said in relation to the current work he is involved in here, “I have no other purpose.” I will speak on my thoughts of this in my spiritual portion.

Cultural bit: This week in Milan is FASHION WEEK. What a blast. I still can’t believe some of these things are clothes but hey, cioè, whatever floats their boats, right? Also, one thing I have learned here is that you can pull off just about any fashion that you would like, and the people will accept it. Wanna pop that collar? Do it. Wanna wear some mom jeans with a corregated fur coat? Do it. But always, you musn’t  forget your scarf. This is CRUCIAL, PEOPLE.

Spiritual bit: I have no other purpose. Conversion comes through consecration. Now, what does this mean? This means to love the Lord with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. It means giving your all to Him. Therein lies true happiness! Now, this is easier said than done. There is a saying here in Italia, “Tra dire e fare, c’e di mezzo il mare” meaning that there is a large difference between saying and doing. This is a difficult thing, and this is why we are giving our lives to perfect it. Remember, you become the person that you want to be by doing the things every day that that person would do. Little by little, friends, but there is something important to realize about consecration that I am just now beginning to understand as a missionary. Every single thing that Heavenly Father has done, is doing, and will do for us is to render us the happiest that our beings can experience. And then more. We don’t say that He is our loving Heavenly Father for no reason. Moses 1:39 states that it is His entire purpose to bring about our eternal life and happiness. Consecration is a large sacrifice, but what we fail to realize at times, is when we consecrate ourselves to Him, He consecrates Himself to us. Love God, for I promise He loves you. We think of sacrifice in the wrong way too often. Stop thinking of it as sacrifice and start thinking of it as love. We sacrifice in families, but this is actually showing love. We sacrifice in marriage, but it is out of love. And what do we get in return? Happiness, and love. Whenever you see the word sacrifice, try replacing it with love. I can’t think of a way to describe how strong the knowledge in my core is that He loves you. You are everything to Him. Everything. Nothing bad will ever come from giving to the Lord, and I promise that as you try one bit at a time to give back you will see blessings. He will take care of you. Do the little things each day to give back and show your love to Him and eventually you will find yourself converted, consecrated, and full of love and joy.

Ci sentiamo,
Con amore,
Anziano Squire




The Duomo (Cathedral)


Me and Diego


Making Tortellone


Making Tortellone


Me with Mahesh Rai, Anziano Tolman, Ostergar and Investigator





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