3/4/2015 (week 18/104)

Buongiorno Tutti!

TRANSFER CALLS ARE THIS WEEK. I AM STAYING IN CIMI!!!!!!!! However, my companion, Anziano Tolman, is being transfering to Muggio, 20 minutes away to be a Zone Leader. He’s even more in charge of me now, haha. Also, Anziano Ostergar is going home to California, which we are all sad to see, and Sorella Burgess is going to be opening up Colegno! It’s a small town near Torino.

Big events this week would have to start with a cultural event that we had in which over 9 nations were represented, food was brought, and dances/music talents were shared. The miracle of that whole thing was this group of Ecuadorian flutists that perform at the Duomo that the other Anziani ran into at centrale. Turns out, one of them is inactive and when they told them about the cultural event they asked if they could play. So, they brought these giant speakers and PA system, all sorts of instruments, effects, soundboards, and everything. It felt like a professional performance and everyone was blown away. Not bad for one month of planning and the conception of the idea by us missionaries, eh?

Next up, we are about to meet someone who we hear is a miracle. His name is Marcello, and I will have to keep you all updated on him, but from the missionaries that found him, (our incredible sisters), he sounds golden. Lo faccio sapere!

The other grand event this week was a funeral that we held for Anziano Ostergar. I’ll post pictures next week. Anyways, when a missionary finishes their mission we call it “dying.” SO, Ostergar is DYING tomorrow. Therefore we held a funeral for him! It was a surprise and we  all dressed in black, got pictures from his mission off of his flash drive and printed them out, got flowers, eulogy, musical number, and parting words from those present. It was a beautiful procession and there were goodies from the Panificeria and cheesecake to follow. As well as a gourmet meal from our Sicilian friend, Michele, and his daughter. It was actually one of the funniest things we have done on our mission just because of its quality. Like I said, pictures next week! Can’t send any this week.

The sad events were that Johnny and Rosa left for Ecuador for good, but we had a beautiful last meal with them yesterday, and also Mahesh left for Nepal for the next two months to get married. However, both of these things are so good for them!!!!!! I’m excited for where their lives will take them!

Cultural Bit: In America, most places have carpet. It’s when you start getting into higher class stuff that you start seeing floors with marble. Here in Italy, it’s the other way around. EVERYTHING has marble floors, even the ghetto buildings. Also, our house has marble flooring which makes it fun in the morning due to it’s chill factor. Slippers are a necessity, and because I’m cheap I just bought random black, furry, chinese girl slippers from the nearby chinese shop. No shame. (Chinese shops are essentially thrift shops here). NOW, when you start getting into higher class, you start seeing carpet. It’s so weird.

Spiritual Bit: In the Bible, there is a beautiful story of Jesus where he was out on the water and the apostles were in a boat. Peter, being so excited to see his Savior, and seeing Him walking on the water, jumped out of the boat and ran to his Redeemer! As he was walking on the water, he began to be filled with fear and started to sink, crying, “Save me Lord!” Christ was immediately by him, pulling him out of the water and said to him, ” Oh ye of little faith.” I have come to have a new love of this story because of something that another missionary said to me. He said, Christ responded as such, almost as if to say, “Did you not think I would?” Peter’s faith was failing because he was being filled with fear, and he kept crying out desperately for help to the Lord. But the Lord was there, no matter what. I testify with all the authority that I have as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ that He Will Save You. Fear not because your feet are wet, but marvel at the fact that you are walking on the water with His help, and with faith in Him. Remember, you have to go through difficulty to see the rewards. He loves you, and I bear testimony that He is real!!

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire


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