3/11/2015 (week 19/104)


Wow this week was great!!! We got dropped by a few investigators, others dropped off the map, haha, we have a half new district, and I’m pretty sure the mold in our house will eat me one of these nights, but things are incredible!!! Would you like to know why? Because I’m making them be!

About 6 months ago I was getting ready for bed one night and I sat down and decided that I was going to make tomorrow the best day of my life!!! However, that next morning, I walked down my stairs to find my dog, my baby girl of 13 years, permanently resting on the floor. She had laid down to take a nap and just didn’t wake up. At a certain point in the relationship with you and a pet, they become your sibling. She was my sister, veramente. I hadn’t felt that kind of grief for a long time. I remembered, though, the promise I made to myself the night before, and I decided that no matter what happened I would make that day better. And I did. To this day, that was one of the saddest yet best days of my life, because, despite the horrible circumstances, I chose my attitude.

Every day can be your best day. Just make it so.

So, I got a new companion too, and his name is Anziano Savage! He is the absolute BOMB and we get along so well! Our personalities are very complimentary and we have a ton of the same interests, down to our types of humor to our favorite sculptor. It’s Bernini. He’s the best and you can’t convince me otherwise. We have been doing incredible work out here and we have been finding with most of our time actually. It’s good for both of us.

Also, we met a new golden investigator named Marcello, and he is probably the most interested person I have ever met. We have been so blessed here and I can’t thank the Lord enough!!

Cultural bit: Talk with your hands. Everything makes more sense in Italian when you talk with your hands. Even if I say the exact same words without and then with hands, some people won’t understand unless I use my hands. Fun stuff.

Spiritual Bit: A question came up from a less active we visited that really interested me: Why am I not seeing answers to my prayers?

Sometimes, it is because we aren’t asking with sincerity and real intent (Moroni 10:3-5). Sometimes it is because we aren’t making any effort on our side to find an answer. But sometimes, and this is the one I believe the most common, is because we aren’t meant to know right now. We are here on the earth to prepare ourselves to live in happiness with God and our families forever. We do this by showing to God that we are willing to make the hard decisions to do this. Sometimes, not knowing why is exactly the trial we need, because, without that, we wouldn’t be showing any faith or trust in God. For years with my depression, I remember asking God why He did this to me. Why was I going through it? Why, when everyone else seemed to be happy, did I have to be lost? I didn’t receive this answer till years later, but now, instead of kneeling down and questioning God, I kneel down and thank Him for it, because I know now and I am grateful for it. Sometimes, for some reason or another, we aren’t supposed to have the answer, because this is the trial of our faith. But remember, as it states in Ether 12:6, you will always receive an answer after your trial. Hold on just a little bit longer. I promise that you haven’t the faintest idea of the thing that God intends to make out of you. His purpose in life is to bring about our happiness (Moses 1:39).

He will always be there so just trust in Him, I ask of you.

3 Nephi 22:7-11

Cheers and until next week!!

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire


Me and Mahesh Rai on Mahesh’s moving day.


My new district


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