4/15/2015 (week 24/104)

Ciao Tutti!

Transfers! AND THEY AFFECT ME THIS TIME! I am moving to Varese, Italy tomorrow, which is right next to Como, and also right next to Switzerland, sooooooo I will be having some fun Pdays 😉 Who knows! Maybe I’ll see Clooney in Como! Comunque, besides the excitement and the grandeur of a new city, I am sad to leave Cimiano. I have now spent 5 months serving these wonderful people here, and at this point these people are my family. What they don’t tell you when you leave for your mission is that you won’t be saying goodbye to your family just when you head out, but also every time you leave an area. I am greatly indebted to these people, and I just ask if you all have a few seconds to pray for these people here, for the things that they might be in need of.

This week was fitting for a last week in Cimiano with getting a baptism date, teaching a record number of lessons as a district, seeing miracles, sharing tears, and bearing testimony. The miracles of this week range all the way from: telling a man that God has a plan for him and that he can find work, and then directly after saying that, he gets a call from some guy, who saw him apply to a store, telling him he wanted to help him find a job and actually finding one for him, toooooooooo finding a man named Jorge. Jorge was a man that we approached at the subway station on a scambio with Anziano Tolman and I and he first responded by saying he only spoke Spanish and a LITTLE bit of Italian. So, we began teaching in Spanish. We don’t know Spanish. Nevertheless, we taught this man in Spanish and in Italian, and when he gave us his number, we entered it into the phone and saw that it was actually a referall that we were just about to contact. This man was meant to be found. We have an appointment with him this week!! Also, the father of a less active family we have been working with, has just gotten off house arrest two months early so the family can go to church now!! They are working towards the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity together. MIRACLES. I just knew these would come, and I wish to testify to each one of you that they do come! Just have patience, because if you are having a hardship or difficulty, then that means there is a miracle nearby.

Other than that, things are good!

Cultural bit: Okay, so all of the paramedics and ambulance drivers here are volunteers. If you want to be one, all you have to do is take a course and then you can volunteer your heart out! It’s all good and nice, I suppose, until you get a man saving you that works as a night manager at the nearby butcher shop. Cheers, right?

Spiritual bit: I don’t know if I ever shared this, but I want everyone to think about the situation that our Heavenly Father is in right now, and put yourself in His shoes. You are a parent with children that you love, and want to become as happy as you, and like you. You want all the world for them, but you know that a plan has to be made for this to happen. This plan would include them going away to an earth were they could recieve a fullness of joy, learn, and have experiences; however, they would go through trials, pain, sadness, and things that would break them in every way possible. Not only that, but they won’t remember you. If they remembered their previous lives, and you, then it would defeat the whole purpose of experiencing these things for themselves. So, what do you do? You speak to them, give them ways of communication to you, a way back, a guide that they can receive to lead them and warn them, an organization for their benefit. Then send your Only Begotten to show them how to live in a way that they will make it back, and then allow Him to die for their misdeeds, so that not one of them wouldn’t have every opportunity to make it back. But, the thing is, you know that some won’t come back to you if you send them out. So, you help in any way they allow you to, and you reach out at every moment, so they can receive eternal happiness with you.

Are we trying to make it? Take a moment and ask yourself, “what am I doing to show God that I want to make it? What am I doing with the tools that He has given me?”

I promise that He truly does love you, and this whole plan is centered around this family that we have, and the families that we make here. That’s it. If you can focus on this love that He has for you and for the love that you wish to show Him, then you cannot go astray. Because, if you love Him, you will follow His guidance back to him. It’s as easy as that. Grow this love through the scriptures, prayer, church, and trying to serve others, because this is what God has given us to help us. John 3:16-17. He loves you, and you are important to Him.

Until next time!
Anziano Squire


Me and Giuseppe the homeless guy


Italy in it’s glory


A headstone at a sweet cemetery


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