5/20/2015 (week 29/104)

Buongiorno tutti!

That week went by so incredibly quick that I really don’t know what to put here… Here’s something: we had tons of miracles this week!! We have been working and working not seeing a whole lot this week until the end when all of a sudden people started contacting themselves (they came up to us). One man actually walked up to us in the middle of a lesson and asked if he could see our resto pamphlet, read a bit, asked if he could have it, and then gave us his number. Lord, I believe.

Still working to get some solid simps right now, but I think we just found one the other day, so hooray!! He is a Muslim who wishes to convert to Christianity, and that is all I will say! Just a sidenote here, the reason that I never divulge a large amount of details about the specific people that we work with is that I wish to keep their lives and experiences private to them. I wasn’t as good at that one at the beginning, I think, but I just thought I would offer an explanation!

Overall though, I’m happy because I get to help others be happy. I have gotten to see peoples’ faces light up when they hear that familiar word, see progression and strengthening in their lives and families, and feel the sweet joy that emanates from their souls when we serve. It changes you. It can’t not. When you serve others it brings them joy, but it changes you. It turns that central part of you, as C.S. Lewis would say, into something far greater, more holy, and more loving than ever before.

Cultural: Most cities have their own dialect, and they are drastically different.

Spiritual: Every person in the world is a son or daughter of God and individually important to our Heavenly Father. Every person is loved and important. This is a short message but I do not wish to overwrite this one. It is truth and I cannot add more to it. Pray to feel this love, and I promise it can change your life!

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire


These cars are just here in town. It’s Italy!


 A public toilet flush with the ground.

Our church building in Como. It used to be a Catholic Cardinal’s holiday home and the Church bought it and turned it into a meeting house.


5/13/2015 (week 28/104)

Hello y’all,

Things are about the same up here in Varese, it still rains a lot, the people are still super Italian, and we still eat pasta every day. The work has been pretty decent and sustainable too and we were able to get a new simp this week from a French speaking African who was humble enough to meet us for a lesson out in the rain in the morning. For anyone who has done missionary work, that shows something.

Also, we did a scambio in Busto Arsizio and I was able to go help Anziano Gomez do some finding out there in which we found a family!! An incrediblyyyyyy believing family! The lady we talked to really had a good understanding of the need of trials in life and it was refreshing because she was able to look at the mercies of God as they really are. Lots of people can’t see them because they are too blind and caught up in the focus on themselves and why they have to go through something.

Good week!!

Cultural Bit: Switzerland is expensive.

Spiritual Bit: I was reading in President Ezra T. Benson’s teachings this week and I must say, the man knew a lot about the true nature of pride. It was interesting because he said that while pride contains self-centeredness, arrogance, and other such things, the main core of pride is actually enmity towards God and fellow man. This enmity is not always hatred, but even just a state of opposition towards them. “It is the attitude of my will, not thine be done.” People who are prideful, He applies, wish God would agree with them and often show disobedience, being the prideful struggle against authority. You ever wonder why they call pride the root of all sin? Sin is rebellion against God, and pride is a natural proclivity to this very act. Pride, is a very misunderstood thing, He states.

Something he said also struck me, that pride is often seen as looking down on someone while at the top, but it is “more commonly” exhibited in looking from the bottom-up in ways such as gossiping, faultfinding, envying, withholding gratitude and praise, etc.

This is easy to avoid though when we remember something. Everyone out there is our family. Maybe they are a bit lost or confused, but they are our family. God, on the other hand is our Father, and just wants each of us to have as much joy as is possible for us to have. Everything He tells us to do is what He, the omniscient being, knows will make us the happiest. So, why would we rebel. I declare with such joy, from this sketchy internet point, that we have such reason to be humble and follow God because if we do we will be happy!!!! I know! I love it! And I want you all to as well! He has your best interests in mind, and He knows the best avenues of option. Just honor what He asks, don’t get caught up in the deceit and destructive nature of pride, because there is happiness awaiting us, and so much more.

Con Amore, 

Anziano Squire

A castle in Bellinzona

Anziano Reese surprised me with a birthday cake!

The dog at our complex that runs up to greet us every day and anticipates our arrival.


4/29/2015 (week 26/104) 


Visited Switzerland today for our P-day so it was an absolute blast! We took a hike that nearly killed me but the view was worth it. 
Big news though. Elder Bednar of the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles visited us in a mission wide conference this week. WOW. WOWOWOWOWOWOW. I cannot tell you everything that man said, but I wish to testify that he is called of God. The things that he told us, doctrinally, I cannot write, for they were so great. You thought he told you good stuff in General Conference? You have no idea. He faciliated a unique mission wide discussion in which we talked about agency, faith, reality, creations, missionary work, how to recognize the Spirit, and so many other things. Revelation was flowing between everyone and I feel like it was some kind of pentacostal event. It was incredible. The SMALL news from the conference was that we would be receiving iPads to help with the work out here within two weeks. We are so excited because it will just jet the work.

Other than that, we have been using improved teaching and studying methods that Elder Bednar provided, and the improvement to our spirituality and access to revelation and learning has been extended considerably. Our work is being effected by this and we are really starting to see a lot of success here in our tiny little town.

I am happy. 

I am so happy right now.

Cultural bit: The first shop you will see when crossing the border from Switzerland to Italy at Ponte Tresa will be a Gelateria. Let this expand and illustrate a concept about Italy for a moment.

Spiritual Bit: I have a testimony of Prophets and Apostles. Their power is the true power of God, and I can testify that they truly do recieve revelation for the church. I saw instance after instance during that conference where he explained something to me and the others that he would NEVER have known to explain without his authority. One such example was when he was talking to an Elder and President Dibb, behind him wrote on a piece of paper what he should tell the Elder, given his personal circumstances, however, right before he was about to give it to Elder Bednar, Elder Bednar began saying aloud the words that were on the paper yet to be received. 

These people have been called to help us, guys. We receive guidance from them so often, and how often do we actually follow it? 

I urge everyone out there to pay more attention and put into practice the things that these men say, for they are given by a loving God to help us be happy. They are special witnesses of Christ, and I promise that their authority and keys are real.

I testify that Christ is alive. He lives. He speaks. He is a real, tangible being. He loves you, and knows you by name. I testify of the living reality of this gospel. This is not just a thing that we preach because it sounds good. These are real things, real  people, and real eternal laws. I know this, and I promise you can know it too! There is a loving God in heaven just waiting for you to ask Him.

I say these things in the name of the beloved Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

Until next week,

Anziano Squire     A Ristorante in Como

 Looking down the street of my new home, Varese 


  Sacro Monte

 Lake Como

  Our view of the mountains  

 Our District: Sorella Besco, Sorella Warren, me, Anziano Reese, Gabrielle (the Ward Mission Leader)

The view from our window