5/20/2015 (week 29/104)

Buongiorno tutti!

That week went by so incredibly quick that I really don’t know what to put here… Here’s something: we had tons of miracles this week!! We have been working and working not seeing a whole lot this week until the end when all of a sudden people started contacting themselves (they came up to us). One man actually walked up to us in the middle of a lesson and asked if he could see our resto pamphlet, read a bit, asked if he could have it, and then gave us his number. Lord, I believe.

Still working to get some solid simps right now, but I think we just found one the other day, so hooray!! He is a Muslim who wishes to convert to Christianity, and that is all I will say! Just a sidenote here, the reason that I never divulge a large amount of details about the specific people that we work with is that I wish to keep their lives and experiences private to them. I wasn’t as good at that one at the beginning, I think, but I just thought I would offer an explanation!

Overall though, I’m happy because I get to help others be happy. I have gotten to see peoples’ faces light up when they hear that familiar word, see progression and strengthening in their lives and families, and feel the sweet joy that emanates from their souls when we serve. It changes you. It can’t not. When you serve others it brings them joy, but it changes you. It turns that central part of you, as C.S. Lewis would say, into something far greater, more holy, and more loving than ever before.

Cultural: Most cities have their own dialect, and they are drastically different.

Spiritual: Every person in the world is a son or daughter of God and individually important to our Heavenly Father. Every person is loved and important. This is a short message but I do not wish to overwrite this one. It is truth and I cannot add more to it. Pray to feel this love, and I promise it can change your life!

Con Amore,
Anziano Squire


These cars are just here in town. It’s Italy!


 A public toilet flush with the ground.

Our church building in Como. It used to be a Catholic Cardinal’s holiday home and the Church bought it and turned it into a meeting house.


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