6/3/2015 (week 31/104)

Cheers everyone!

Having a good week? If not, then make it happen! It’s a choice you know!

Things are good out here in our little town of Varese, and my new comp and I seem to have no problem speaking Italian and English to each other, so dodged a bullet there!

As for the work, it’s moving along at slug pace this week! Our African bruthus keep canceling on us which is sad but on he other hand, we found a super cool old Italian guy! This was our conversation when we stopped him on the street:

“Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

(…while walking away) “Yeah, but not same one you do! You’re Jehovah’s witnesses!” (Everyone thinks we are J dubs)

“Actually, no we arent!”

(He stops and walks back) “Wait, really?”

Then, after a bit of conversation he says, “Sorry, I have to right now, but here’s my address! Come visit me!” 

WHAT? Just about nobody ever freely offers info. EVER. Miracle!!!!!! Anyways, we saw him and he is an old guy who lives alone, but wants to come to church with us on Sunday, so we have members to hook him up with! Good week overall!

Cultural bit: There’s some styles here for girls that are just starting to die off (thank heavens) from last year that include mom jeans and overalls. It’s pretty much the worst. Che skifezza! (What filth!)

Spiritual bit: I want to talk about being realistic. Don’t be.
Many people will tell you never to believe in your dreams or your hopes because the realistic thing is that they will never come true. Rather than open up their hearts to the possibility of something greater, they close both heart and mind to avoid the inevitable fall of their good spirits and the even more terrible crash of an open heart. They say it is safer to not hope, not love, not desire for those greater things so that way you don’t get hurt.

However, anybody that wants to experience, learn, or progress knows that realism cannot be an option.

I proclaim that it is better to hope and fail, to love and to lose, to try to fly and get shot down. When you block out the possibility of the bad, you also block out the possibility of the good too. Even Adam and Eve knew this, and so they ate of the fruit so way progression could be introduced into the world.

We are here on earth to experience things. To feel the wind caress your cheek; awe at the everlasting landscapes of this beautiful earth; feel the butterflies of a realized love; to hope and strive for something better. Emotional, physical, and spiritual sensation is a true gift from God and when we block them out we also reject the love of the Father. God did not have to make the flowers bright and sky blue. But He did. What an opportunity we have to feel and experience, to weep and to laugh, to hurt and to heal. I proclaim that even the bad is a blessing because it provides yet another avenue of sensation and allows for a growing profundity of the beautiful things in life. My family and I had a company in the past and we were happy, but not nearly as happy as we are now after losing that company and going broke and then rising a new one from the ashes. Even something as simple as a cookie is not as good without the salt. What a blessing the bad can be.

You must hope and never give into the deceptive trap of realism. Hope for a better life; hope for a better day; hope for happiness. Your hopes can be realized!

And what is it that ye shall hope for? Behold I say unto you that ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal, and this because of your faith in him according to the promise. (Moroni 7:41)

We all have something that we can hope for, that CAN come true. This is possible, and it is all because of Him.

I testify that He lives and loves us each individually. He cares about you, laughs when you laugh, and cries when you cry. He gave His life so that we might not have to, and He will stick by you until the very end.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Until next week, 

Tante belle cose

Anziano Squire


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