6/17/2015 (week 33/104)

É già passata un altro settimana! Ma cosa?

This week was what we call a progressing week. As of right now we have three investigators who wish to be baptized. One Italian, one Moroccan, and one from Mali. Whatever you guys are saying in your prayers lately, I think it’s working hahaha. One thing I have learned is that we cannot take credit for a single piece of success out here because we are led to the places we need to go, then to the people (who were prepared by Him), and then led in what we say, and they are led in their learning of the gospel and development of their personal testimonies and conversions. We’re just here to have the honor of seeing it happen. 

Also, our Muslim friend came to church this Sunday too! He was so shy the poor dude, he spoke very little, very quiet, and had a hard time looking anyone in the face. He’s just a really tender guy, and very timid. He said though after the service that he felt really happy, and so that was a blessing and we affirmed to him that this was the Spirit confirming the truth of the things he heard and felt.

Also, here’s a fun story from the week: there is this man in Varese that we call Moses Marley because he walks around town with his stupidly out of tune guitar playing random notes and singing (or rather yelling) about religious things. Recently we heard him singing about the Black Jesus Christ. He’s a character. He also looks like a Rasta.

Cultural bit: you CANNOT mix different types of pasta. You CANNOT……. I found out.

Spiritual bit: I wish to speak on a a matter of convenience. Literally. May I begin with a question aimed at drilling into your soul? Where in the scriptures does it say that following Jesus Christ would be convenient? What apostle spoke on that in General Conference? Or perhaps, what revelation to Joseph Smith entailed the given contents? My memory, though a mite foggy, does does not recall such phrases, but a few different ones in reality. Phrases such as “he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver” or “after much tribulation come the blessings.” Convenience was never a part of the plan. Even the very Son of God did not try convenience. I guarantee you suffering for the sins of all mankind, scorn and ridicule, being beaten, tortured, mocked, and hated, or caring the very cross that you would allow your persecutors to nail you to and then forgiving them in the very act was not a “convenient” task. Convenience is an excuse; it’s is a scapegoat for pride.

Part of the test, indeed the whole test itself, is whether or not we will choose God in times that are not convenient. It is too easy to choose when no opposition is present. There would be no way for God to truly tell where our alliances lie from those actions, not to mention we would never grow or progress in any given mode or manner. These inconvenient times are our chances to show God what is truly important to us. They are opportunities given to us by Him. And, if we choose wisely and endure it well, we are promised “to be exalted on high” and will inherit “all at the Father hath.”

The choices at the present times will be difficult. They need to be. But when you look at the grand eternal scale of things, this life and all the hardships we go through are actually quite minuscule. What is a financially difficult situation or a disease in the long run when we can receive perfect immortal bodies and mansions with streets paved with gold? What is the opinion of those watching when you can make that all powerful creator of the universe proud of you. What is one choice when your entire eternity hangs in the balance?

I promise these things are difficult but they will be soooooo worth it. I have felt what I believe to be a millionth part of the happiness God intends for us, and it is indescribable. The world we live in is so much smaller than we think on the grander scale of things and I promise that if you swim against the current of convenience and always search to do the right thing, you will grow exponentially in happiness and lay claim to all the blessings that the Father hath in store. Remember your purpose here, and sacrifice convenience now for an eternity of happiness and love later.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
 Until next week folks,

Anziano Squire

 A random African dude who wanted to take a picture with me. His name was Dibu. 

Malnate, a city in our area.

Anziano Reese, doin Reese.


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