6/24/2015 (week 34/104)

Ciao, ciao, ciao

We worked hard this week. Dang hard. And we saw so many miracles out of it. I don’t even know what I should share and not because I don’t have all day on this thing, haha. Just things like realizing that you were with a certain member for a split on a certain day with a certain person so that he could share a certain testimony on a certain principle very dear to him and very relevant to the simp (investigator), or even just a man that we thought had no interest calling back and asking for the book that we had, or seeing the Sorelle (Sister Missionary) find a young man that has been perfectly prepared by the Lord. The only downside was a call we got about 30 mins ago from our simp with the baptism date for the fourth; he’s moving to Milan tomorrow morning. It could be worse and I know that all will work out because I know and trust the missionaries in Milan to do even better work than I can, haha.

Not much else is really that new though. What can I say?
Cultural bit: arguing in the states is a way that you generally express anger towards someone. Arguing here in Italy is a form of communication and sport.

Spiritual bit: this is a video that you all should watch
I wish to express my humblest urgencies for each of us to search for opportunities placed before us. Opportunities to be an angel to someone in need. I have a deep and abiding testimony that often times God will answer our prayers through those around us, and if we don’t pay attention we might miss a shot to save someone.

I can remember a time in college that life was not folding out for my benefit. I was not taking it well. The world had seemed to be crushing down on me in all the social, technical, and mental capacities to which it had dominion. I felt utterly hopeless, utterly lost, and utterly alone. Nothing could console me and I was battered to point of the numbness for a possible of relief. In an act of futile desperation I said a prayer with energy that I barely had. I was on my knees with tears in my eyes when I saw an envelope that I had received a time previous from my family. Upon opening it I found an assortment of letters from the individual members telling me how proud they were of me for graduating high school at the time of the reception of the letters, and how much I meat to them personally. It seemed to hold much more weight at that time than when I received it, and it quelled my pains. It was an ordinary act done by ordinary people, but to me it was a miracle completed by angels.

I promise each and every one of you that you are in more situations than you can possibly realize to help others out and to be someone’s angel. Elder Uchtdorf has said in a recent conference address that “if we look around with observant eyes and the motive of a caring heart, we will recognize the opportunities the Lord places in front of us to help others rise up and move toward their true potential.” There IS a Balm of Gilead. There IS help available. It’s you. This is one of the most divine and honored acts that we can be a part of in our journey to become more like Him, and I promise that as you endeavor to do so you will find more joy that ever you had imagined possible.

I say so in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Until next week.
Anziano Squire


The Settineri’s Massive Gattone (really big cat)


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