7/22/2015 (week 38/104)

Ciao Cari!

This week was a bit slower and we seem to be losing a few of our investigators a bit which is really sad. We’ll keep trying to get them back!!! Its just sad when these people, who you know have had answers, just start to fall off and reject what gave them joy at the beginning.

The cool thing this week was that we found out one of the referrals that Tolman and I gave back in Cimiano got baptized recently!! BY THE ELDERS FROM BUSTO, IN OUR DISTRICT! I had no idea that it was the same Wilson, hahahahaha che gioia!!!!

Also, this week I was able to do two scambi (exchanges) with the zone leaders in Como, and the guys in Busto. What a grand ole time!! And the scambio in Como literally felt like a vacation even as we were doing the work. I love that place wayyyy too much.

Cultural Bit: When one eats too many carbs they get drowsy and slow. This is a common occurrence with the pasta here. We call it “pasta shock” and I came to the realization that this is the reason I am always fighting to stay awake during my language studies directly after lunch. Now I know.

Spiritual Bit: One of the Italian sisters in the mission just recently finished her mission and at the zone training gave what we call “a dying testimony” or the last testimony that they will give to us in the mission. She said something along the lines of:

As missionaries, God doesn’t judge us on what we do wrong, like, “oh, you should have been doing this,” but is happy for the little things that we are doing and our small triumphs in life and who we are becoming. He loves us so much that He is SO happy when we pray or read or follow a small commandment and He isn’t there to say, “you’re terrible. Why aren’t you better?” But to love us enough, understanding that we aren’t perfect, and rejoicing in our wins. – Sorella Boscia

Why do we always beat ourselves up over things? The truth is God is uncontrollably happy with you even when you do the slightest bit of good! He doesn’t start with a large perception of “evil” to describe you and take one piece off at a time when you do good things, but he already sees us as good and just adds every time we do something well. 

I have been trying to study Charity a lot this month, and one of the things I found out is that a large part of the principle comes from loving yourself first. God wants us to love ourselves, not be proud, but love ourselves. Most often, when we think bad of ourselves we are just giving in to the whisperings of the devil and giving in to his will in making us unhappy. Want to know a secret? The Lord will NEVER tell you to look down on yourself, hate yourself, or degrade yourself. He will ALWAYS uplift, inspire, and give you thoughts that make you happy and want to improve. If you have thoughts of worthlessness or something of the sort, then just remember where it came from and push it out.

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. (Romans 8:16)

We are the children of God. We each are children of the creator of the universe and all in it, an all knowing, all powerful, all loving being. We can become like him. Do you really think you are dirt, still? Because the truth of it is: you are a child of the Most High. You have divinity in you. 

Remember the joy that Heavenly Father takes in your triumphs, even the small ones, and always remember that you are better and can be better than you would ever think.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Anziano Squire

   Buffalo Wild Wings hand carried from the US!



  My Zone

  Real Pizza  

 Anziano Holder and his companion 
 Some people from my group at zone training.


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