7/29/2015 (week 39/104)

Ciao tutti!

This will be a short update this week for those of you that actually read these, haha. The new stuff? Well there isn’t a whole lot but I’ll try to fill you all in. First off is we had a miracle where we promised a man we were teaching that he would find a job within two weeks if he would go to church that Sunday. This was a pretty large leap on both of our parts though because he has been searching actively every day for months and has found nothing. He even moved to Switzerland for a bit to find one but had no luck. After lots of praying and fasting we received a call from him the day before the deadline was up, two weeks after he went to church. He had found a job, or rather one was offered to him. MIRACLE. The cool thing is when missionaries are prompted to give a promise to someone, God follows up on that promise. I’ve seen some really crazy things out here and I can testify to that one. The not so great part of that story is that he doesn’t want to stop studying with the Jehovah’s Witnesses just because he doesn’t want to leave them after working with them for 8 or so months. We already explained to him the truth about the authority and reality that is held within our church, and he has seen real live miracles from us to prove it, but he just doesn’t want to see them. I guess we’ll see what happens.
We also had some setbacks with all the rest of our investigators so we’ll just have to see what happens this week. Needless to say we need to find more people and help the ones we already have to take the steps necessary to learn. Either way, just kind of a slow week aside from that awesome miracle!!

Cultural Bit: We are coming up on the wonderful month of August which brings us to a very important part of Italian culture! Ferragosto! This is where literally 60% or more of the people in the towns leave on vacation for two weeks and nearly everything shuts down! Everyone leaves. Not conducive to missionary work XP

Spiritual Bit: Every week I try to expand on a different subject and elaborate on different applications as I see them, but this week I am going to do something different. This week I wish to share the most powerful thing that I thing I can. I wish to simply state that I know Christ lives. I haven’t seen Him, felt the prints on His hands or feet, or heard His voice, but it would be completely unnecessary even if I had. I know that He is not a figment of imagination or an idea created by man for man, but He is a living being with flesh and blood who knows me. He knows you. At the beginning of a cycle of belief you may not know for a certainty of His existence, but you want to, perhaps. That’s ok that you don’t know at first, you aren’t supposed to. God wants to see if you will decide to believe even when it is hard to. When you do that, He then gives you your answer, your witness. I testify with all the energy of heart on this special Wednesday (special because it is yet another day that we are blessed to be here) that Christ lives. He is real and He lives at this very moment. I testify also that it is possible to have a relationship, a real relationship with Him too, and its easier that you think. I know He is there, and if you just take that first step you can know too. This I say in His name, amen.

Tante belle cose,
Anziano Squire

   My penne al ragu

 This is a blurry picture of a simp (an investigator) and I for you guys that didn’t come out but he just said, “Wow…. That’s beautiful… It’s perfect…” He is such a sweet man and I will get a better picture later but I hope it goes to tell of his character a little. Just a sweet, humble man who loves God.


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