8/12/2015 (week 41/104)

Ciao Tutti!!

This week all of our hard work and trials paid off. Three months of almost dead work started going downhill this week and we were left with two semi-active investigators. We were brought practically to the bottom and we had no idea what to do, but as always we kept going. Then, we met Bryan.     

This man traveled from Cameroon, to Nigeria, to Niger, to Libya, to here and has been here 29 days. All the while he saw rapes, murders, thefts, mass homicide, and I don’t even know what happened to those close to him because he didn’t say. Just to give you an idea of how incredible this man is though, he said if we taught him to read and write, that he was also interested in the gospel and would read our books and walk to our house (1 hour away) every single morning to learn from us! He also said that if he feels in his heart that this is good that he had 20-50 friends that he would bring to be taught as well. We have been teaching him to read and write in the past few days and he is just one of the most sincere, reliable, and good-hearted people I have ever met in my life. Not to mention, he said that he has been looking at the Book of Mormon we gave him and just looking at the pages and pictures for the past few days wishing he could read it. Every single trial we have had here all makes complete sense now, and it was all worth it. All of it. If this man and his friends come to the light of testimony, then this Branch would practically become a Ward. This one man could change Varese.

Things are about to change here and it is all because of the tender mercies of the Lord. I have seen lately what my own efforts have done, (nothing that is), and now I see what the Lord can do. Truly incredible.

However, Saturday we find out what happens for transfers next week. Guess we’ll see.

Cultural Bit: They have these delightful machines out here that are essentially Roombas (the automatic vacuum) that mows the lawn. Perfect stripes and all. Che bello è!

Spiritual Bit: I’m constrained to time today so I will just leave something short, but I invite everyone to watch this video and respond to me what you think of it. For me, this has been one of the best things in the world and has helped me to strengthen my own testimony heaps.

The Hope of God’s Light

Dio vi benedica!! E tante belle cose!!
Anziano Squire

   Me and The Martins

 Near Laveno

 A place where we teach often


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