9/2/2015 (week 44/104)

Heyo Err’body!

Slow week! Haha. Slow week but still keep going!! Not really much new, but we did the great honor of having a mission tour conference with Elder Kearon of the Seventy. Just what we all needed, I think!! He spoke of how to stop worrying about things and just to be happy and find the joy in the work. The main principle, however, was that we can change. This will count for the Spiritual Bit of this post, but one of the main teachings of this church and the teachings of Christ is the doctrine of change. The Atonement was a sacrifice that was wrought for the benefit of all men, and was made so that “all men might be made alive”. Not only would we be saved from the spiritual and the physical deaths, but I wish to add that we would be healed from our own infirmities and the things that bring us pain or despair in this world. Not only can we be alive thanks to Him, but we can LIVE thanks to Him and have a life that is full of meaning, joy, and peace. Take Alma 7:11-13 where it talks about how Christ took upon Himself the infirmities and pains of the people so that He would know “how to succor [us]” or in modern words, how to run to us. It wasn’t enough for Him that He save us, but He wanted to be able to help us be happy in all circumstances and receive all the help that we need.

     Elder Kearon spoke on how we are often inflicted with wounds we created ourselves because of our mistakes, and experiences, but often because of our own self criticisms. He drove home the message that the Atonement heals those too, and that we could each of us change right then and be rid of those burdens. We could ask for help to simply be happy and we would receive it. We no longer had to be self critical, we no longer had to dwell on our own weaknesses, we no longer had to feel inadequate. Christ suffered for that, too.

     I testify that the atonement isn’t only for sinners, but victims too. It doesn’t matter what you have done, or what has been done to you, you don’t have to live with those scars. Christ carries the scars for us, and lets the people touch them to prove it. Many people think others can be healed but it won’t work for them because their situation is different somehow. Well, I’m here to tell you all that EVERYONE’S is different but Christ paid for each individually. He knows how to succor YOU individually. No one falls out of the boat on this one so we shouldn’t worry, but just let the change in.

Cultural Bit: A popular food here in the North is what we call Polenta. Yes they eat pasta, but the north is known for the corn bread type food called Polenta. Eat with sauces, meats, whatever you please, really.

Anziano Squire


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