9/16/2015 (week 46/104)

Ciao tutti!

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote last but here’s what’s new: All but really two of our investigators have moved, lost interest, we’ve dropped because of no progress, or one we found out has been manipulating us and turning other investigators against us, so we are starting over with some fresh work!!! It’s going to be good to get some new progressors in and we are excited at the prospect! Already we’ve found a man at a pizza shop, a lady with a family from the Congo, and a guy named Bob. Been a while since I’ve seen one of those!

Other than that, this week we went to Milan for a P-day and spent some good time with the Anziani of Busto Arsizio (Chase, Mortezazadeh), and Lugano (Holder, Santoro) and even a surprise visit from my favorite Nepalese best friend Mahesh!!! Apart from having impromptu fashion shows in the Zara and buying the umpteenth serving of gelato, you could say we had a good time. I still love that city with all my heart, haha, and I don’t think that will ever change. I still remember the first time I walked up the steps from the metro to the Piazza del Duomo. It was nighttime, there was a 5-story high Christmas tree, everything was lit up, and the Duomo just looked so beautiful that I actually shed a tear. That was a special moment and that city will always have a special place in my heart.

Cultural Bit: You know how Nutella is popular in the States? Yeah, well you haven’t seen anything until you’ve come here. It’s like ketchup here. Everyone has it. Heavens, it was invented here haha. The funny thing is the sisters in the mission always seem to take a particular liking to it and about two years ago there was actually a sister that ate so much Nutella that it started damaging her brain and she got sent home. Too much is still an amount even with Nutella. Careful, kids.

Spiritual Bit: I was reading in the Ensign of June this year and found a really great article by Mindy Anne Leavitt where she said the following:

“I sat in the celestial room of the temple, contemplating the direction my life was taking–certainly off course from what I’d planned. As with many other young adults, worries monopolized my mind: How could I balance good grades and a social life? Should I quit my job? find a second one? How could I save money when I didn’t have any? Why wasn’t I married yet? The list went agonizingly on and on. I had gone to the temple seeking comfort, praying for the assurance that my life was in Heavenly Father’s hands. “Is everything going to be all right in my life?” I questioned. The answer came swiftly and surely to my mind: “All is well.”

In that moment, I understood that even though my life wasn’t going as I had planned, it was still going according to His plan and He was in control. That sweet assurance that He is aware of and taking care of me, even if He doesn’t always take away my trials, has carried me through many hardships. As we come to understand, seek, and wait for these assurances, we can know that the Lord supports us through the burdens placed upon us.”

We should never lose heart when our plans don’t ‘pan out’ because it isn’t our plans that make it in the end, luckily. But why is this that we are so distraught when things don’t go according to plan? Why is it that we always think we have the best solutions in mind for ourselves? I wish to point out that when we focus on our expectations and forget about the Lord’s that we are actually presented a different case: lack of faith. We are told over and over that “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither my ways your ways,”(Isaiah 55) and that everything the Lord does is for the benefit of the world and its inhabitants, (2 Nephi 26, Moses 1) so what fear do we have? The best thing we can do when we are confronted with a fear like that is to just remember our Lord; remember that the Being who loves us the most in the entire universe is the Being in control of the world around us. Remember that fear is the opposite of faith and is given from a different spirit, so push it out. The world would have us fear, for when we fear, we forget our God. Don’t forget Him, and remember that He knows what He is doing.

So what can we do when everything seems to be going wrong? Think about the lessons to be learned, ask Him what He would have you do, and keep doing the things He continually asks. It is my personal witness and testimony that when you focus on Him, He will carry you exactly where you need to be. You don’t need to see where you are going, that’s not the point. Walk by faith, and fear not, because He has your happiness as the end goal.

In he name of Jesus Christ! Amen


Anziano Squire

                        Me & Mahesh Rai

 Anziano Holder, Santoro, Mortezazadeh, Me, Mahesh Rai & Anziano Chase

   Anziano Mastino, Chase, Mortezazadeh & Me

 Anziano Mortezazadeh, Me, Mahesh Rai & Anziano Chase

   Anziano Mortezazadeh

 Impromptu Fashion Show


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