9/30/2015 (week 48/104)

And I am going to…….. PADOVA!! A beautiful university city, a 15 minute drive from Venice!!! I can’t visit Venice because it is in a different zone, but I am still super excited nonetheless! I love change so much and this will be a wonderful opportunity to get some solid work done and light a new city up! I have heard that there has been some disobedience around the area and so I plan to help the people out to improve the work. I will be a District Leader there and my new companion will be a guy named Anziano Benge, who is a few transfers below me. Oh man, I’m excited.

It’s really sad to leave this place though because this place has been my home, and after 6 months you really get used to the same old same old. The people here have been absolutely incredible to me as well and it’s honestly like saying goodbye to the family again. I’m gonna miss these missionaries, members, and people so much.

Well, I don’t have a ton of time today, but I thought I ought to just update everybody!!!

Tante belle cose!

Anziano Squire

  Gabriele Funaro, Ward Mission Leader

 “The best missionary group will live forever!!!” –Gabriele Funaro
wpid-2015-10-04-11.44.58.jpg.jpegPanorama of Luinowpid-2015-10-04-11.28.34.jpg.jpegComo   Como at night Como at nightwpid-2015-10-04-11.30.52.jpg.jpegEnzo and Bryanwpid-2015-10-04-11.32.11.jpg.jpegFratello Omerwpid-2015-10-04-11.33.43.jpg.jpegDamiano and Teresawpid-2015-10-04-11.34.38.jpg.jpegSorella Omer and Rachael wpid-2015-10-04-11.35.55.jpg.jpegDavid Presidente Castelli  The Valle familywpid-2015-10-04-11.39.12.jpg.jpegOur district with guy and girl names we picked for each other

wpid-2015-10-04-11.43.15.jpg.jpegThis is our awesome English class!!!wpid-2015-10-04-11.44.06.jpg.jpeg


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