11/11/2015 (week 54/104)


So Jeff’s baptism went great but I think he was afraid of the water so it took a few dunks, haha, it went well though! As for Renzo, he is not getting baptized this week. 😦 He just doesn’t feel ready and focuses far too much on negative things in life. He seems to think he needs to fix the difficulties in his life to get them out of the way before he can get baptized but we are trying to help him realize that the spirit and the gospel are the things that will help him overcome them and that we can’t do here things on our own, but I think he needs more time to come to terms with that. All of us come to that knowledge at one point or another with ease or great pain, and I’m just hoping that he doesn’t drag himself down trying to get there. He’s so close to making it and we aren’t giving up on him for anything.

Alright, so for the transfer news. I’M TRAINING. Not ready for that one, haha. I feel completely inadequate, but in a different way. I felt like if I ever got to this point I would feel inadequate which is true, however, I thought I would have fear. I don’t. I know the Lord has prepared me through my experiences and trials, but has prepared me in knowing that it is only through Him that I have strength. I AM inadequate, but that’s ok because I know I can do it if I let Him take

over. I don’t want to be a missionary who relies on himself, because the work doesn’t work that way. I know I am inadequate, and that is how the Lord has prepared me. I have also found that it is truly this way in all facets of life for all of us. Just trust Him and you will qualify for anything He puts you into.

Anyways, picking up my greenie in Milano tomorrow. 🙂 So happy, but also super sad because I have had such a good time with Anziano Benge here and now he is opening up a new coppia in Milano so I know he will enjoy it!

Cultural Bit: people at government buildings won’t take you seriously unless you match their intensity in arguing. I went to the post office today and I was able to get what I wanted 🙂

Tante belle cose!

Anziano Squire


 Me and William from Varese   

 Renzo & Anziano Benge


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