11/25/2015 (week 56/104)

Hey y’all!!

Good weeks here! Good ones for sure!! Last week I was way too busy to write a post, so sorry about that one! And just to lay it out, the current events about the war out here have not affected us too much, though there have been a few isolated events here, but overall we are safe and not worried about our well-being so thank you all for the concern!!

Comunque, things are going well and we just managed to pick up a new simp (investigator) yesterday named Kingsley!! He is a good Nigerian man who we are excited to teach because of his intense love for the Savior, so, good on him!!! Our other two solid simps, Tanal and Renzo, are doing well and we are working towards baptism with both of them, and it will be in the near future for sure!! We just need to help Renzo feel ready, and help Tanal to come to church.

My new companion, by the way, is named Anziano Allred and has actually lived in Salina, KS for a little while, so we bonded over that one a bit! What can I say, I love the guy. His desire is so sincere and all he wants to do is go out and give the work a nice kidney punch to get it going; he just hits the streets. Honestly, I’m lucky to have him and the area is too, because of his drive and fervor for going out and getting things done, as well as sincerely caring about people. We all needed a bit of that. The whole training thing is super interesting because it really magnifies your weaknesses and helps you to improve. I feel like I’m the one getting trained in all actuality, and I have realized that I am learning more from this experience than I did when I was being trained. I just look at the example of this man I am with and it helps to respark in me the desire to do and be. It is incredible to see it though because I can see the changes I have made since I was at his stage, both good and bad, and it really helps to put my life into perspective. I hope he is getting as much out of this experience as I am, and I know that if I just keep trying to do the Lords will in this, and treat Anziano Allred the way He would, that He will make sure Allred feels and learns what He needs to. Perhaps, I might even have a part in the learning, who knows!

Cultural Bit: there is actually a type of cheese in Sardegna that is illegal now because in order to make it, you have to set it out in the open air for a few weeks so that it will get infested with maggots. Served with the maggots a-crawlin’.

Spiritual Bit: I received this in an email from a friend I made about a year ago in the MTC. I really like the message and points it presents, so I wish to share it with you all for the thought this week.

“Lately I have been reading in the Old Testament so I can learn more about my Savior as Jehovah. I just recently finished reading in Leviticus which means I learned the “rules” of being a Jew. Then, in Institute we were reading about the miracles that Jesus performed. The Miracle of Jairus’ daughter has always fascinated me, but now it does on a new level thanks so my new-found appreciation for Jewish law. In Mark we read ” Why make ye this ado, and weep? the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn…And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her,…arise. And straightway the damsel arose, and walked.” As a Jew, touching a dead body would cause Jesus to become unclean and in need of purification, and yet He does it anyway. The other times Christ raised people from the dead, He never touched the body–with the Widow Nain’s son, Christ touched his coffin to raise him from death; with Lazarus, Christ called out to him to raise him. But with the daughter of Jairus, Christ wasn’t just showing His power over physical death, but also of the spiritual. Sometimes we go so far down the rabbit hole of sin that we appear to be spiritually dead. But the Savior knows better. To Him, we’re only spiritually asleep. There is no faith too dormant, or a time when we are so far gone that Christ cannot “take [us] by the hand” to raise us to new heights. His hand is outstretched and ready to raise us from spiritual slumberings. We are never spiritually dead to the Savior, we are only asleep.”

I second my testimony to this by saying that Christ is a perfect Savior because He is the only one that has overcome all the things that we go through. Our guilt, our pains, our wounds are never too much to push us away from Him and I testify that no matter what it is that we have done, no matter what it is that we were, no matter how many times we tried but didn’t get better, that if we turn to Him He will lift us out. He proved and sealed that promise with His blood. Trust Him.

I say this in the name of our Savior, even Jesus Christ, amen.


Anziano Squire

  Anziano Allred and I

  Someone had a bad day.

  Our Thanksgiving Feast, Italian Style!


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