12/2/2015 (week 57/104)

I don’t have much time for a blog post this week, but I will share with you a cool experience I had. The other day at church I was asked to dispose of the sacrament after church and I just thought, alright sure….the priests should be doing this, but I’d be glad to!! When I was taking it down, I was just dumping the leftover cups in the sink and all of the sudden it hit me. These were people who couldn’t take the sacrament today. There were about 20 cups that had been blessed but not partaken. Christ suffered for these 20 people and they weren’t there. It could be anyone to take those, but they went unused. It hit me that Christ truly did suffer for everyone whether they choose to take advantage of it or not, and this was a real live example of his precious blood being spilt as the water into the sink; spilt and wasted. The symbolism was so strong and it made me feel. I felt as I watched that precious blood go down the drain. Don’t let His blood be spilt in vain. Please. Use this gift He has given us.

   Me and the guys in our apartment eating our Thanksgiving feast.

 The Tomb of Saint Luke

  My favorite cheese


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