12/9/2015 (week 58/104)

Ciao tutti!!!!

MIRACLES THIS WEEK. Allred and I have been going for a 21 lesson week, as part of a challenge from our President and it has been going incredibly!!!!!!! We have so far found about four new people, one a professor for international law, and another a Tuscan girl who is also very interested!!! We have been just trying to trust the Lord more on the finding and thanking Him every step of the way, and we are really seeing growth. Let me tell you all about the girl though!!!! We found her 30 min walk outside of our normal tracking area just sitting on a

bench and we decided to just give her a card for the new Christmas video of the church. When we gave it to her we saw that she had been crying and so we asked if she was ok! Floodgates. Big ones. Wrong question…..or, actually the right one. We talked for a good long while with her about life, and other things and she really began to cheer up. After the friendly conversation, we went into a Christmas lesson and bore an incredibly powerful testimony to her where all three of us where crying at the end. After that, we said a prayer for her and her family and at the end she was so happy and emotional she gave me a hug. FREAKED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME. Was not expecting that one!!! We were able to get her contact info though, and she wants to meet again so we will bring a member with us that is also around the same age and we think that we will be able to make amazing progress with her, she is so ready!!!!!

Good week y’all. Don’t have time for the other parts but know that I wish you all a wonderful week!!!

Anziano Squire

  Anziano Allred took this photo in a Vatican owned church here in Padova that apparently he couldn’t take. He didn’t know, hahaha.

Prato della Valle in Winter. (Prato della Valle is a 90,000 square meter elliptical square in Padova, Italy. It is the largest square in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe.)


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