1/6/2016 (week 62/104)

Ciao tutti!

Things have been really picking up here and time is becoming slimmer by the minute so I might only be able to update this every two weeks! Sorry!!!

These past few weeks have been grand and things are starting to explode on a nice scale, I could say. For example we have found 4 new people so far this week, which is more than I have gotten some transfers haha. They are really solid people too!! One of them we had the feeling to call even though he was dropped a year ago for having moved to Calabria. He said it was impeccable timing because he was going to move back to Padova in about 3 days hahaha. WHAT??? He is golden and even accepted a soft baptismal invite last year with the
missionaries. He is wonderful and speaks Italian and English fluently. I love him already!!! 

Another cool instance was Saturday night, which will double as my spiritual thought. We were walking on our way to a lesson in the rain when we walked past this young man and briefly said hi as we passed. “You should’ve given him an English class card” I just kept hearing in
my mind over and over. Finally, about 2 minutes later, I stopped and just said, “Anziano…. we need to go back and talk to that man.” He replied with a “he’s gotta be far back though, but I’m down.” I knew we might not catch up because it was a far ways back that we saw him but we started back when I suddenly heard “RUN” fairly shouted into my head. We ran. About 5 minutes later we found him. It must have been a bit frightening to him to see these two men in suits run after him but we had a genial conversation! 

“Hey!! I know this is a bit odd, but would you be interested in going to a free English class we teach??”

“Actually yeah, me and thirty other of my friends, who all just moved here to Italy, all want to learn English and we were just talking about it today!!! Where can I go to learn??”

Brothers and sisters, when the spirit tells you to run, you run. There is very well a needy soul on the end of your trek.

In addition, we are about to launch that member project in a week or two, we are just finishing up the last touches on the plans right now and trying to run it through the ward council/hold a formal presentation to display the various phases, everyone’s parts and expected duties, etc. It should yield great results!

Cultural Bit: Tennis shoes with suits are worn by the public fairly often. I hate it.

Ciao e a tutti una buona settimana!

Anziano Squire


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