1/27/2016 (week 65/104)

Ciao tutti!!!

Ok, so it has been a while since I have written last, due to the fact that we have been fighting a multiple front war out here with implementing the member project in the ward, working with over 20 simps now, and lastly, working with a nice little illness that has been making its way around our apartment and into my insides. Too much info? Oh well.

As for the project, I have spoken with my Grandfather, who used to be a Mission President in Portland, Oregon, and he actually said to have a project very similar to the one we were endeavoring to create. He said that the one he researched and rolled out made his mission the highest baptizing mission in the United States, and that they were averaging about 120 baptisms every month. The success was unreal, and so we hope to do the same. What did we do? Well, I pretty much scrapped most of what we had and rolled it out with the plan of my incredible Grandpa.

I have finished the meetings and presentations with the ward leadership, the Ward Council, and my Mission President, and now the final part is to present it to the ward in a large, combined meeting with the whole ward next week!

It was cool because I was speaking with the President last week about the
Project, and he said that it was exactly the type of thing that they were hoping on implementing in the mission here, but were still in the process of planning. Now, with the information from the plan we have been working on down here in my area, we might be able to initiate a mission-wide plan based off of this one!!!! COOL STUFF ERR’BODY. Cool stuff. Just gotta give thanks to the Lord on this one because He has given us everything on a silver platter and planned out so much of this for us. This would not have been even the slightest bit doable without Him. 

As for us though, the next transfer will be next week and I can only guess that I will be staying here to further the plan among the members, but I honestly don’t know what will happen with the others!!!! I guess we will have to see in a few days when we get the calls. Who knows though!!!

Cultural Bit: Missionary culture time!!!! It is likely that in whatever area you serve in, the nearest pizza joint will know the missionaries VERY well, have a basic grip on the doctrine, have attended church once or twice, and even give you discounts for “frequent purchasing.”

Spiritual Bit: I had many discourses that I would have loved to share from what I learned the past few weeks, but one of the greatest things I think I can put here, is the article from the December, 2015 Ensign called, “Christmas with the Dombrowskis”. I don’t think there is much else to be said or shared than the sweet spirit invoked by this first hand account of a humble Christmas. I urge you all to read it! Christmas with the Dombrowskis

I love you all and wish you each the best of weeks!!

Anziano Squire


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