2/10/2016 (week 67/104)


So, after two days of this new transfer, we as a district, have two new baptismal dates with VERY SOLID simps. I am more sure than I have ever been that these two will be baptized and we are so excited at how fast the work is going right now!! As a result of the project too, we have a brand new family to work with that are friends of some of our members!!! FRUITS I TELL YOU!

Another new thing, is that we have two new elders. Elder Cabrera and Elder Brown, who are two hard working Elders that are excited to get the work moving here!! Not much else is new, but I can say we are really seeing the Lord’s hand with all the new people we are receiving, and I know now more than ever that the Lord has a very active hand in our work and is guiding the things that we do. New horizons are dawning out here and it will begin making sense soon why this city used to be the center of the mission!!!

Not much time, but know that I love you all and your prayers and support are really going towards helping out the work here, so thank you all!! I am the happiest I have been on my mission right now and I couldn’t thank the Lord enough!


Anziano Squire 

Me and Anziano Allred at the Villa Pisani in Stra, Italy.


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