4/20/2016 (week 77/104)

Ciao tutti!!

We haven’t really had a real P-day more than two times this transfer, due to meetings, appointments, and exchanges we have had to do, so I have had no time to be able to write these!!! My suggestion, if you want updated info on me for these last 5 months just email me directly and ask what you would like to know! I can’t guarantee the blog updates will happen very often anymore :p not that they are happening very often right now, but you get the point….

Anyways things are going fantastically here in beautiful ol’ Como, and the work is really flying off! We got 5 new simps (investigators) this past week!!!! 5 OF THEM!!!! I haven’t had a week that good in many months!! I know we are being blessed by the Lord and we are seeing the success as we are trying to pay more attention to what the Spirit is saying as
we do finding work. For example, as we walk around in the giant groups of tourists and such, we search around us and listen for specific promptings on specific people to stop, because if you stopped everyone out here you would go through a lot of tourists and shoppers and miss
the real people who are interested. It has been a real blessing you could say, and we are extremely happy with the way life is going!! 

Anziano Thomas, to add, is an absolutely incredible missionary and an even better man. The only way to describe him, that I can think of, is the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine. He always has a spectacular aura of happiness and love around him, and it really plays off to the blessing of those we meet with and teach! Not to mention, me.

As for right now we have also been doing a lot of work recently with all of the refugees, especially from Nigeria, and I would encourage all of you to look up President Kearon’s talk from this last General Conference to gain more insight into their lives. It truly does change you and I love that people with all of heart. They are family to me. I am even learning Nigerian Pidgin English to better communicate and connect with them and it really has a hilarious effect!! The reactions they give when they see a well dressed white guy start speaking their
broken english dialect blows them completely off of their feet and they laugh out of sheer disbelief as well as open up tremendously. It is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen, to see their reactions as I speak their language and do their handshakes. 

Big news, or maybe not so, is that transfer calls are this week already! I think Thomas and I will be staying together but there is hearsay that he will be going AP (Assistant to the President) so we will have to see what happens!!

I love you all and wish you the greatest week!! Again, feel free to email me if you want to talk, get more frequent updates, or even just say hi!!!

Anziano Squire

My email address is: squire.jacob@myldsmail.net

With Mahesh & Friends in MilanoComo at nightMy apartment in ComoComoComoComoComoComoMilanBrunate


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