5/11/2016 (week 80/104)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! I had a good one because I was able to do some good service for others this week!

Due to the fact that the other Anziani here got closed (sent to another area) and we are working with both Como wards now, we are extremely busy and are constantly trying to balance all the simps, members, less actives, etc. It’s nice, haha. Honestly, going from transfers where we had two simps and members that didn’t want to meet, it is really nice to have a good playground to work with! This past week has been a tad difficult due to the fact that it’s been raining and so none of our African or Italian simps have been showing up to our appointments, but I’m sure it can’t rain forever. The coolest thing that happened was with a man from Senegal that we met named Bara, who really only speaks French and a few words in English and Italian, but we were prompted to go talk to him so we know it will work out!! When we had our first lesson yesterday it was just about Jesus Christ and His role in the world because Bara is a Muslim. We shared “Because of Him” and “Hallelujah” videos, both in French, and then he just stopped for a minute and said in very broken Italian “4 and 6”. We had no idea what he was saying so we asked what he said and he pointed to the clock that said “4:06” and then again said “4 and 6…..today…..I go Christian…..4 and 6 today…..we….Christian…..we friends forever…..”

It was honestly one of the most special moments of my entire mission because it was truly a man changing his life in one moment. He said that in his country you will be murdered if you worship Christ but he is happy to be here so he can, because he believes firmly in Christ. It really makes you think of what we take for granted.

I know he will go places and I thank God for a simp that has strong and sincere desire to learn!!! It is such a miracle and we love him!!!! Ever since that lesson we found out that he stays up for a long time most nights to read the Book of Mormon. Truly he must be an angel.

Till next time,

Anziano Squire
The original MTC Zone back together for the day!

Beautiful Lake ComoHanging out for the day in Lenovo with Gabriele and Patrik.

Italian grocery store with fresh meat and cheese.Our Zone 


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