6/1/2016 (week 83/104)

Transfer time already!! I will be staying In Como but we are sad to announce that Anziano Thomas will be leaving 😦 which kills me because he has been absolutely flipping fantastic to me. We really hoped for a third transfer together!! BUT. If anything could’ve happened we are glad that what happened is the truth: Anziano Thomas will be going ZL in Verona with Anziano Harbin, who we just lived with last transfer, and my new comp will be Anziano Mortezazadeh!!!!!!! I can still remember when we were in the Varese district together for 6 months and we would always joke about how we would be Capi (ZL) in Como together. And now it’s happening! The Lord is too good to me! We are excited to get working together in the two wards, and our simps are also making fantastic progress!! For example, we had a French Elder come down from Switzerland last week to teach one of our simps in French, and he became even more converted to the gospel that he now loves. He reads his scriptures every day for four hours. WHO DOES THAT?????? We love him more than I think he will ever know!!! Also, our district here will be having three baptisms next month, so you could say things are going miraculously!! This place is truly paradise.

I want each and every one of you to know that I truly and sincerely love you all, thank you for your support, and care for your welfare. If there is anything I can do other than thank you all, let me know!!

Anziano Squire

Anziano Thomas and I

A day spent in Menaggio